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If someone stabs me in the back, now I have a knife. A knife is valuable. I can use it as a weapon, to dice up a situation or to cut myself loose from an unwanted relationship. I am more free.

Thank you, knife-thrower.

If someone criticizes me, now I have feedback. Feedback is valuable. I can use it to change if I agree there’s a problem or I can stay the same if I like what is criticized. I can also critique the critic. I am more discerning.

Thank you, critic.

If someone doesn’t give me what I want, now I have frustration. Frustration is valuable. I can use it to reexamine my goals & desires. Do I really want what I want? Is it best for me? Should I change my direction or my tactics? Can I give what I want to myself or seek it from another source? I am more strategic.

Thank you, stingy.

If someone ignores me, now I have myself. I can use this alone time to consider what I think and how I feel. I am more self-aware and intuitive.

Thank you, oblivious.

If someone steals from me, now I have less. I can use less to re/create more, especially now that I know exactly what others define as valuable. I am more resourceful, creative and valuable.

Thank you, thief.

If the Universe (God) presses “repeat” on any of the above situations, it just gifted me independence, wisdom, patience, self-love & gratitude. Those are infinitely valuable. I am more enlightened.

Thank you, Universe (God).

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