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REWIND: Siskel & Ebert review Boomerang (1992)

So this is my favorite movie. I’ve seen it more than a 100 times. But I don’t remember the nude version of this scene. O_O

I do remember this, though…

According to Robin, she lost her virginity with Eddie Murphy when she was 19 years old - pre-“Saturday Night Live”. I guess they were rehashing old times on the Boomerang set. :)

Oh and…Ebert? I understand the point you were trying to make. Since I have more than 30 seconds to make it, here goes:

Siskel was committing the cardinal sin of letting his and others’ prejudices/expectations about an actor inform his opinion of the film instead of letting the art stand on its own (see Tyler Perry critics who freely watch all of his work but claim to hate his guts). It’s an expected trait in a human, but an extremely annoying quality in a critic.

Obviously, Siskel wanted to see “dangerous” Trading Places Eddie Murphy - in a ROMANTIC COMEDY. To say that there wasn’t anything fresh in this innovative movie while also dismissing the “new” Eddie Murphy is laughable from a post-Adventures of Pluto Nash 2011 point of view. What you irrationally contrarily hate can alllllways be worse, Siskel. Always. I was a fan of this show, but many of Siskel’s opinions on films were an early indicator of a future brain tumor. #justsayin

Aquarius Siskel just liked to disagree with anything Gemini Ebert said, and Ebert’s priceless facial expressions made their airy dynamic enjoyable to watch.

Budget: $42 million (the first all-black film with a maaaaajor budget)

U.S. gross: $70 million (~ $140 million if adjusted for inflation)

Worldwide gross: $131 million (which would be $400+ million if adjusted for inflation with digital sales included)

Without Boomerang, there would be no Will Smith. I wonder what Siskel would’ve thought about Hitch

My guess: “We’ve seen this before, Roger.”